About us

Day by day fulfilling the wishes of our customers we gain new knowledge and priceless experience, which are reflected in the quality of our products and the high level of service we offer.
Estonian Label House is a high tech printing company which produces labels for beer and soft drinks industry. We have good production capacity - 5 million labels per shift, providing our customers a complete range capabilities of offset printing labels.
Today beer brewing is a modern and promising industry and it's a great honor and responsibility for us to work with it. We do pay the greatest attention to the collaboration with the customers. Our goal is to provide the customers with the labels meeting the highest quality and workability standards, which are able to beautify their products.
For us the successful collaboration means strengthening of the long term relationships with existing customers and interest to our capabilities from the new customers. We are optimistic about the future.

Our history

We associate the start of the label production business with the year of 1987. Since then many things have changed in the production technology, equipment and materials used.
Company name has changed twice, political system in Estonia has changed but we remain committed to the path we have chosen.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission. To help the customers to develop the positive culture of enjoying the drinks by making the best labels.
Vision. To gain and hold the leading position in the production of offset labels for the beer industry in Baltic countries, as well as to be the most modern and professional offset label maker.
Values. Label market and focus on the customer. Focus on the needs of the customers is the basis of our work.
Responsibility. We highly appreciate the partnerships, and try to act responsibly as well as expect responsibility from our business partners.
Positive attitude. Positive attitude transforms our goals in results and achievements.
Teamwork. The successful teamwork gives a chance to achieve the highest goals; so we always improve ourselves for the development, collaboration and teamwork.


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Kaasiku 28 D, Jõhvi küla,
41541 Jõhvi vald,

+ 372 33 77 500